Goat Milk Soap

Garlic and Produce

​FairHaven Farm

335 Teall Road

​Fairfield, NY  13406


Pastured Meat


We have beautiful sunsets here at the farm. Viewing nature's majesty is the perfect way to end a hard day of work!

FairHaven Farm has been growing garlic and other vegetables in a sustainable and pesticide free way since 2008.  We make our own compost/fertilizer with our own animal manure. We rotate our crops every year and we use cover crops. We have been able to extend our season thanks to our high tunnel! The produce that we sell is of the highest quality. 

We grow pastured chickens, pastured pork, 100% grass fed beef and 100% grass fed goat Our animals are raised humanely on the beautiful pastures of Fairfield, NY.. We believe that the quality of the meat we produce is directly related to the quality of life the animals have here on this farm.

Farm made soaps using the milk from our beautiful Gloria, sustainably harvested oils and essential oils and natural fragrances.

FairHaven Farm is home to a herd of registered Paso Fino horses. Contact us for more information on these beautiful, gaited animals.

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